All quotes are original to Janine Baryza-Ly.  Please feel free to share, but do not use them as your own words

"Express yourself without words through inspiration and you will find yourself connected to everything, include the one that created you."

"Peace does not mean that we do not argue or disagree, peace means that we create dialog through our differences in order to produce creation and growth."

"We ask so many questions, yet we do not sit long enough to figure out that what we seek are not answers, but to know that we are connected."

The darkness is when you are so close to the light that you are blinded.

"There is no life and death only transformation.  There is no right and wrong only choices and consequences.  There is no good or bad, only perspective.  You are an eternal being, eternally loved and never alone.  Enter into that flow and you will start to see Truth." 

"To start the journey is to understand that you know nothing!"

"If a person claims with certainty to know the ways of science or spirituality, politely walk away.  They have not been on the journey long enough to realize they know nothing."